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Gardiner Bros Farms are currently farming a total of 15,000 acres in the Caldwell District 50km west of Deniliquin. Our main focus is on growing Dry land cereal crops, predominantly Oaten Hay for Export and Domestic sales. We also source straw to be baled by us then its transported back to our sheds to be stored. We run all our own hay machinery to ensure it all gets cut and baled on time to ensure the best quality hay possible.

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over the years we have perfected the art of growing premium high quality hay, its starts at paddock preparation from disc chaining our paddocks to ensure minimum old season straw will be in the hay, to having narrow sowing tines for finer stemmed hay, rolling paddocks to minimise dirt clods and other foreign objects in the hay, chemical applications to achieve clean hay, cutting at optimum time for maximum quality potential and best feed test results, then finally raking, baling and carting to our sheds to maintain highest quality from when it was baled and stored to being delivered to you!

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